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Blog archived by date. Occasional memory dump of various things. I have lots of bugs, you might learn a thing or two (or not) from my crash logs.


2022-03-06 Cleaning up Apple Photos Library with Python
2022-02-16 Embedding Self-Video Into Zoom Presentations using Slides as Virtual Background
2022-01-01 AirDrop not working? AdGuard installed? Here's the Workaround


2020-08-01 Creating Custom Day/Night Cycle Dynamic Wallpaper for macOS Under 30 Minutes
2020-07-12 Installing Realtek Wireless Driver for Ubuntu on a Desktop PC
2020-01-11 CSS Dark Mode


2019-12-28 Terrain Generator - Part 1: Theory
2019-10-14 APSC 160 Lab Statistics
2019-10-11 macOS for APSC 160
2019-07-27 UBC Macleod Building in Minecraft
2019-06-18 Curses, Circle, and Golf
2019-05-29 Facebook Messenger Formatting Syntax
2019-03-30 Fixing LaTeX Tags in Markdown
2019-03-28 Mandelbrot Set on FPGA Part 1


2018-08-02 Disintegration Effects in Processing
2018-03-14 How to Train Your Motors: Week 4-9
2018-03-07 Interesting APSC 160 Midterm Stats That No One Wants to Know
2018-01-25 How to Train Your Motors: Week 1-3
2018-01-14 Verilog RNG, File IO, and Simulation