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APSC 160 Lab Statistics

Updated 2019-10-14

Here are some of the statistics I’ve collected for the APSC 160 labs. Because I only run the lab sections L1T, L1K, L1O, and L1D (for the first term). I only have the statistics for these sections.

This page will be updated for each labs.


Lab 1

At this point, I was only in section L1T (Thursday 12:00-14:00) and L1D (Friday 16:00-18:00). Lab 1 is very simple and only feature user input and user output. The median time to completion is less than 1 hour.


Lab 2

Lab 2 features if/else branching. The lab section L1K showed that their version is the easiest, at a median completion time of about 45 minutes. On the other hand, L1D is the slowest, at 1 hour and 10 minutes. This could be because L1D occurs during the last day of the week from 16:00 to 18:00, where most people (including me :stuck_out_tongue:) are tired.


Lab 3

Lab 3 is a bit harder, it consists of drawing grid of numbers using nested while loops. Since the course content is getting a bit harder, the discrepancies between each lab versions disappear.


Lab 4

Lab 4 asks the students to write and use their own functions. The difficulty is polarizing: some students find it easier than loops, some find it absolutely confusing.



Since lab 2, I’ve developed a custom program in Python that runs on my phone using Pythonista to perform the counting and logging for when a student submits their lab. The app automatically appends log entry to a .txt file.