Muchen He

Muchen He

Graduate student at UBC working on computer architecture security and hardware performance simulation, with an interest in the full stack of computing from CPU registers to human-computer-interactions.

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Programming: Python, C, C++, Swift, Processing (Java), Lua, SystemVerilog, ARM assembly, Linux, Git

Web + Data: JavaScript, Jekyll+Liquid, HTML+CSS, Bootstrap, p5.js, d3.js, R, MATLAB

Prototyping: gem5, 3D CAD (Inventor, Solidworks), FPGA, ModelSim, Encounter

Documentation: LaTeX, Jupyter, Markdown, Final Cut Pro + Motion

Honors & Awards

NSERC CGS-Masters, 2021

Faculty of Applied Science Graduate Award, 2020

Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone Faculty Award, 2020

Captain C Y Wu Scholarship, 2019

Trek Excellence Scholarship, 2019

Dean's Honor List, 2017-2020


Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW), 2022

Extracurricular Interests

Photography, Typography, Blogging, Note-taking


M.A.Sc. Computer Engineering

University of British Columbia, 2020-present

Advanced Computer Architecture, Parallel and Configurable Computing, Trustworthy Machine Learning, Human Computer Interfaces, Computer Vision

B.A.Sc. Electrical Engineering w/ Co-op Program

Unviersity of British Columbia, 2015-2020 (86% GPA)

Computer Architecture, Data Structures and Algorithms, Machine Learning, Digital Logic Design, Signals and Systems, VLSI Design, Control Theory, Mathematical Proofs

Academic Experience

Graduate Research Assistant

University of British Columbia, Jul 2020-present (2 yrs), Vancouver BC

Thesis: novel mitigation architectures to counter against Spectre, Meltdown, and cache side channel attacks while preserving the performance of speculative execution in a CPU.

  • Explored state-of-the-art speculative execution attacks and cache side channel attacks.
  • Identified key insights that aid in the design of performant architecture that is superior than prior defenses.
  • Implemented prototype in the cycle-accurate gem5 simulator and devised experiments to obtain key metrics.
  • Evaluated the effectiveness and the performance of the mitigation using PARSEC and SPEC2017 benchmarks.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

University of British Columbia, Sep 2020-May 2022 (1 yr 9 mos), Vancouver BC

Teaching assistant for VLSI design (ELEC 402) and Electrical Engineering Project Course (ELEC 291).

  • Created technical documentation on industry CAD tools like Encounter, Virtuoso, ModelSim, and Q-Flow.
  • Hosted and moderated office hours, tutorials, and Piazza.
  • Evaluated and graded student project demonstrations and report submissions.

Graduate Academic Assistant

University of British Columbia, Sep 2020-Aug 2021 (1 yr), Vancouver BC

  • Assisted course transitioning to an online platform and produced informative course content including lecture videos.
  • Created test problems and the auto-grader scripts in C and Python.

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

University of British Columbia, Jan 2018-May 2020 (2 yr 5 mos), Vancouver BC

Assisted in courses: introduction to programming in C, motors and control systems project course.

  • Supervised and assisted lab and electrical shop activities.
  • Lectured and provided explanation of requested topics including C, MATLAB, control systems.
  • Provided C, MATLAB, and control systems during lectures, labs, and office hours.
  • Wrote shell and Python scripts and automated grading tasks and reduced grading time by 75%.
  • Wrote technical support documentation and created tutorial videos for course content.

High School Intern

University of Alberta, Jun 2014-Jul 2014 (2 mos), Edmonton AB

  • Worked with University of Alberta SSRG to develop an Android tablet game in Java and Android SDK using the PhyDSL code generator.
  • Implemented haptic and audio feedback and physics-enabled obstacles using Android API.
  • Presented a poster talk on project specifications, goals, and experiences related to supervisor's research.

Work Experience

FPGA Engineering (Co-op)

Intel Corporation, Jan 2019-Aug 2019 (8 mos), Vancouver BC

  • Developed terminal tools for engineers to remotely interface with FPGAs.
  • Configured TeamCity CI and automated testing and deployment of internal software, reduced the delay of each release from 1 day to 30 minutes.
  • Scripted automated tasks to verifying the project directory integrity.
  • Written and released technical documentation for changes and added features.

Associate Developer (Co-op)

EA BioWare, May 2018-Dec 2018 (8 mos), Edmonton AB

  • Wrote C++ that improved Frostbite engine's UI/UX components for the game Anthem.
  • Wrote Python upgrade scripts to modify and validate hundreds of XML and game asset files in seconds.
  • Investigated bugs related to UI, keyboard/mouse inputs, and Origin API and developed robust solutions.
  • Developed entities for UI/UX artists and scripters; demonstrated strong teamwork and communication.

Software Developer (Co-op)

Vital Mechanics Research Inc., May 2017-Aug 2017 (4 mos), Vancouver BC

  • Developed application UI and implemented UX designer feature requests with Qt, C++, JavaScript, and three.js.
  • Programmed WebGL to deliver interactive 3D viewers.

Technical Projects

Bit Flip Attacks on DNNs, 2022: Literature survey for DNN attacks and defenses that uses bit flips to perturb network parameters.

PhotoStats, 2022: Novel data visualization of macOS Photos library statistics and image metadata.

FutureGazer, 2021: 3D video conferencing system that tracks user gaze; User study shows boost in participation and engagement.

Sketch2Slides, 2020: Automated conversion of drawn content to PowerPoint slides.

Hough Transform Hardware Acceleration, 2020: Parallel-computing implementation (CUDA on Nvidia GPU, OpenCL, and Open MPI) that accelerates Hough transform to detect lines in an image.

Object Detection with FPGA Drone, 2020: Integrated YOLOv2 object detector onto a portable package with an FPGA.

FB Messenger Visualizer, 2019: Novel animation visualization of Facebook messages archive

Motorized Laser Pointer, 2018: Built and programmed PID controllers in C++ and MATLAB for 2-DOF spherical wrist controlled laser pointers.

Mandelbrot Set on FPGA, 2018: Interactive fractal on FPGA written in SystemVerilog.

Fast Grader, 2018: Desktop app that helps grading coding assignments more efficiently.

Sleep Logger, 2017: Web-app with real-time database and authentication to keep track of sleep statistics.

Magnetic Field Tracking Robot, 2017: Microcontroller robot that follows magnetic field generated by a wire.

3D Game with DIY Serialized Game Controller, 2017: 3D racing game with DIY controls.

InsectNN, 2016: Simple insect simulator with path tracking using a neural network.