Muchen He

☺ Hello!

Welcome to my corner on the internet; here you will find my blogs, course notes, and projects.

About Myself

I’m a graduate student pursuing a Masters in Applied Science at the UBC, advised by Prof. Mieszko Lis. My current work involves computer architecture security and performance simulation using the gem5 simulator.

Along with years of teaching assistance at UBC since 2017, my experiences include: UI/UX programming with Frostbite engine and C++ at EA - BioWare, FPGA dev-tools development at Intel - NSG, and app-development at Vital Mechanics. See CV for more details.

More About Myself

Chinese Canadian currently reside in Vancouver. My favourite game at moment is Minecraft; and I like photography 📸 and typography in my spare time.


[email protected]  FSXAC  FSXAC  @muchen.he