My name is Muchen and welcome to my website.

I am currently a graduate student pursuing a Masters in Applied Science at the University of British Columbia, advised by Prof. Mieszko Lis, thesis topic TBD.

Along with years of teaching assistantship experience at UBC, my technical work experiences include: UI/UX programming with Frostbite engine and C++ at EA - BioWare, FPGA tools development at Intel - NSG, and application development at Vital Mechanics.

For hobbies, I’m interested in visual design and human-computer-interactions (e.g. photography, graphics, typography, and emerging platforms such as AR/VR).

Here, you will find my projects, blogs, and my course notes. This website is statically generated with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages.

You can reach me via:

E-mail [email protected]
Instagram @muchen.he