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Conference 6

Updated 2018-07-09

Conference 6


Midterm 1


Kinder Morgan Piazza Discussion Follow-up

  Existing Expansion
Purchase price $ 4,500,000,000.00 $ 4,500,000,000.00
Annual benefit $ 200,000,000.00 $ 1,200,000,000.00
Construction $ - $ 8,000,000,000.00


Q: will midterm 1 be scaled down?

no, but midterm 2 will be quite different.

Q. How different should first draft or final report be?

Ideally, the same.

First draft feedback isn’t going to be fully detailed and would only outline logic or information flaws.

Q. Seen a perfect report?

B is easy. High A is tough.

Q. How not to give up easily on one topic before choosing another one?

Gathering information for a topic is hard. Find suitable survey data etc.

For “how do I do this”, contact Dr. Hollett.

Q. Confidential information in report?

If information is from UBC, professor reading it is fine.

If information is from companies, then anonymize the information such that it can be viewed publicly, or provide NDA to professor.

Q. What should the presentation outline look like?

Make is specific to your topic, don’t be too generic (i.e. cost and revenue model with a detailed description outlining input, outputs, and analysis).