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Conference 4

Updated 2018-06-11

Conference 4


Assignment 1

Questions on grading go to TA first.

Assignment solution will be shared.



Q: Can I change report thesis later on?

Yes. The point of the early thesis is to provide guidance and feedback.

Q: Using personal real estate decision as thesis?

Yes, but it should to incorporate comparison of alternative methods. Make sure one approaches it

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Assignment 2

Q: What is EACF and how do we apply it in ASN 2?

Part of next module. It stands for equivalent annuity cash flow.


Q: Releasing modules ahead of time?


Q: Midterm?

It will possible be scheduled over the weekend as a take-home exam.

Q: Accounting for non-quantitative factor

To account for it, we need to quantify it. In the case of environment, look at the cost for damages, relocation, etc. For safety, look at insurance, hazard pay, etc.

This is something that should be addressed in the report (under environmental and social impacts in the rubrics).