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Updated 2019-09-06


The first step once the project is selected is to contact with the client. Following the “protocol” is recommended.

1. Introduction

Introduce the team to the client via phone or email. Make sure the email or Skype ID is professional. Make sure one knows who they’re addressing.

2. Audience

The audience would most likely be not impressed wtih:

Also to make sure to use non-abbreviated words, especially if they’re UBC specific such as “ECE”.

3. Purpose

Communicate clearly the purpose of the communication.

4. Context

Provide client’s situation and the team’s situation. Be specific in the subject line and identify yourselves with enthusiasm. Indicate approximate duration of the meeting or phone call.

5. Sign Off

Sign off in a positive, non-presumptuous tone. Example

We would appreciate such an opportunity and look forward to hearing from you. We can be contacted by email at ….

Best regards,

Additional Good Practices