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Capstone Introduction

Updated 2019-09-04

Introduction to Capstone Projects

Capstone projects are defined by industry partner, the problems are not canned and are often open-ended. Interaction with the clients is important, specifically: professional attitude, timely, and excellent communication.


The role of the instructor is only the “mentor” and does not contribute to the project or solution. In certain circumstances the instructor will help down-scale or re-scope, in rare cases, up-scale.

Teacher Assistants

TAs are the first line of assistance, they provide mentorship for both technical and management problems. Additional TAs are available for communication related tasks such as exchanges and video production.


Results weigh more than the process. The key deliverables at the end of the project include a technical dossier with documents on requirements, design, and validation/testing. Deliverables may also include but not limited to: prototype, video, poster, or presentation.


There are three milestones. For these milestones, abundant feedback is provided such that the teams could iterate and improve over each milestones.

Milestone 1

Defining the requirements and breaking down the problems.

Milestone 2

Have an idea of how we are going to implement solution.

Milestone 3

A draft prototype. The basic idea should be implemented

Milestone X (Summative)

This milestone is for the final deliverables. After this milestone, the final grade is determined.


9.5 project fair #1, 5-7:30 LFS1002

9.10: project fair #2, 5-7:30 LFS1001

9.11: preferences

9.13: group formed

10.14: project proposal

11.25: initial prototype and review

2.10: second prototype

4.3: final prototype

4.7: design evaluation

4.14: final oral exam



There are mandatory lectures such as notifications and announcements, and optional lectures. Options lectures consist of industry workshops / presentations. Most of the lectures are optional.

Weekly Meetings

There are weekly meetings with TAs and instructors. Each team has a different time booked for the meeting. The timeslots are unassigned (hence the 15:30 to 17:30 timeslot on the time table).

It is recommended that during this time, we don’t book another class during this time.

Team Composition

The team area composed such that high grade students are mixed with low grade students. This is so that UBC capstone reputation isn’t ruined if there exists a group of completely incompetent students.


The meetings occur normally on Tuesday or Thursdays 15:30 to 17:30 one group at a time. Most meeting are held in Kaiser, Macleod, and Orchard commons.