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Intro to Memory

Updated 2020-01-06

Sequential access memory have different access methods. They are sequential technology one bit a time, so we don’t need a wide data-bus. The device are physically very tiny but as a trade off, they’re typically very slow. Examples include SPI RAM, I2C.

Typical interface of a random access memory chip consists of:

The total storage is given by $M\times 2^N$ bits.

Additional signal may be used to control the device:

Building Larger Memory

We can put meory systems with a certain “data bus width” together and make a larger memory system.


We can put 2 devices in parallel, each with 4 of the 8 data bits. Each chip is connected ot 15 address lines.

We can use the highest 1 bit as a primitve decoder to feed into chip-select (CE). Now if we want 18 bit memory, then we can use the highest 2 bits and feed it into 2-4 decoder and do the same thing.