University of British Columbia × B.ASc Electrical Engineering

[email protected] × (778) 952-9222
Vancouver/Edmonton, Canada

85% × Graduating May 2020






Python, C/C++, C#, Verilog, JavaScript/Node.js, Jekyll/Liquid, NCurses, Java/Processing, HTML/CSS, R, MATLAB, Assembly

3D Printer, Microcontrollers, Raspberry PI, FPGA, Circuit Analysis, Oscilloscope, CNC Mill

Git/Perforce, TeamCity CI, Autodesk CAD Suite, Adobe Suite, Solidworks, Quartus/ModelSim, MATLAB SimuLink, Cadence CAD/Simulation

Technical documentation (MD, LaTeX), Detailed notes and instruction manual, Organized Wikis


FPGA Emulation Platform Co-op

Intel Corporation |  Jan 2019 - Aug 2019 |  8 months

  • Developed terminal application with easy-to-use UI for clients and other developers to remotely interface with FPGAs.
  • Configured automatic testing and deployment of internal software and reduced the delay of each release from 1 day to 30 minutes.
  • Created custom scripts to automate development processes such as verifying the integrity of project files against a manifest.
  • Interpreted feature requests and managed software feature releases with release notes and documentations for hundreds of users.

UI/UX Programmer Co-op on Anthem

Electronic Arts - BioWare |  May 2018 - Dec 2018 |  8 months

  • Wrote C++ that improved Frostbite engine's UI/UX components for the game Anthem.
  • Wrote Python upgrade scripts to modify and validate hundreds of XML and game asset files in seconds.
  • Investigated bugs related to UI, keyboard/mouse inputs, and Origin API and developed robust solutions.
  • Developed entities for UI/UX artists and scripters; demonstrated strong teamwork and communication.

Teaching Assistant

UBC Computer Science |  Jan 2018 - Apr 2018; Sep 2019 - present |  8 months

  • Provided assistance and tutoring to engineering students learning C during lectures and office hours.
  • Supervised programming labs and wrote a custom grading program using Python and reduced grading time by 75%.
  • Provided technical support for students with 100% resolve rate and created professional tutorial documents and videos.

Software Developer Co-op

Vital Mechanics Research Inc. |  May 2017 - Aug 2017 |  4 months

  • Developed applications in Qt GUI Framework using C++ and JavaScript using the MVP design pattern.
  • Programmed interactive 3D viewers using JavaScript, Three.js, and Adobe Illustrator API; wrote realistic shaders in WebGL.


FB Visualizer

Mar 2019

An animated visualizer that visualizes entire Facebook messages archive in chronological order. Where people are drawn as nodes and exchange of messages are drawn as as beams of light.

2D Laser Controller

Apr 2018

Built and programmed PID controllers in C++ and MATLAB for 2-DOF spherical wrist controlled laser pointers that draws shapes, using DC commutating motors built from scratch.

FPGA Fractal

Feb 2018

An interactive Mandelbrot Set fractal via VGA on the DE1-SoC FPGA development board written in SystemVerilog.

Fast Grader

Jan 2018

Desktop app used to help grading C programming lab submissions more efficiently. Runs cross-platform and features dockable UI.

Sleep Logger

Sep 2017

Web application with real-time database and authentication to keep track of sleep statistics, featuring beautifully animated front-end.

3D Game with DIY Serialized Game Controller

Apr 2017

DIY game controller using custom microcontroller that communicates via serial with a 3D game programmed in Processing.


Dec 2016

Simulation of a simple insect with antennae staying on a road using a shallow neural network.

FPV Drone

May 2015

DIY FPV 250mm drone with live video feedback via 5.8GHz radio transmission. Capable of reaching up to 60km/h for 10 minutes.


Multirotors (drones), Photography, Video production, Typography, Graphic design, Web design, Virtual reality, Reading, Code golf, Weightlifting, Swimming, Hackathon, Counter Strike Competitive, Blogging (see my blog), Notetaking (see my notes)