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Occasional memory dump of various things. The Archive lists all blog posts in reverse-chronological order.

2019-06-18 PROJECTS

Curses, Circle, and Golf

A while ago I learned to draw circles using Bresenham’s algorithm (thanks CPEN 311). I also stumbled upon Python’s curses library which e...   Read more →

2019-05-29 OTHER

Facebook Messenger Formatting Syntax

Here is a collection of useful formatting tricks (that’s a clickbait word – it’s more just syntax) that you can use in Facebook’s Messeng...   Read more →

2019-03-30 OTHER

Fixing LaTeX Tags in Markdown

In a lot of my older documents and markdowns, I used a lot of inline math such as: $x^2+y^2$. But this is only applicable to niche applic...   Read more →


Mandelbrot Set on FPGA Part 1

After learning about using the VGA modules for the DE1-SoC FPGA development board in one of my CPEN-311 labs, I wanted to make something ...   Read more →

2018-08-02 PROJECTS

Disintegration Effects in Processing

In this small project, my objective is to take an input image and disintegrate it into particles. I will be using Processing 3 because it...   Read more →

2018-03-14 ELEC

How to Train Your Motors: Week 4-9

Last time, we’re left with a single motor with optical encoder setup and the motor was barely controllable. This post outlines the progre...   Read more →

2018-03-07 OTHER

Interesting APSC 160 Midterm Stats That No One Wants to Know

Invigilating a midterm exam is boring, one fo the thing I need to do is to count the number of students that are present at the exam.   Read more →

2018-01-25 ELEC

How to Train Your Motors: Week 1-3

First, let me introduce our project course, ELEC 391. This year we are building 2-DOF motor controlled laser pointer that is fast enough ...   Read more →