Mandelbrot set implemented on the DE1-SoC FPGA

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Mandelbrot Set

The Mandelbrot set produces a fractal and is a set of complex numbers for which a particular function does not converge for some iterations.



This project is made on the FPGA development board DE1-SoC; Written in SystemVerilog; compiled and tested in Quartus 17 and ModelSim.

VGA Core

The VGA core is from University of Toronto, source is here. The VGA core supports either 160x120 or 320x240.

For this project, I went with 320x240 (although I have compiler directives for using 160x120). Because of the higher resolution, colors are only limited to 3 bits or 8 different colors.


DE1-SoC FPGA development board, compiler and toolchains for synthesizing SystemVerilog, and a VGA compatible monitor with cables.


Compile and Load


The leftmost pushbutton (KEY[3]) is used for reset. Push this to refresh the screen.

There are 3 switches to control the zoom, 3 switches to control horizontal offset, and 3 switches to control the vertical offset. SW2 to SW0 controls the zoom. SW5 to SW3 controls horizontal offset. And SW8 to SW6 controls the vertical offset.

The mapping of the switches are as follows:

Switches Zoom H. Offset V. Offset
000 10 (1x) +3.5 +2
001 4 (2.5x) +2.75 +1.5
010 2 (5x) +2 +1
011 1 (10x) +1.5 +0.5
100 0.75 (13.3x) +1 0
101 0.5 (20x) +0.25 -0.5
110 0.325 (30.8x) 0 -1
111 0.25 (40x) -0.5 -1.5

Have fun.


Here are some photos of the monitor (because I don’t know how to capture directly from hardware ;_;). The following is the fractal centered around (0, 0) with zoom level set to 2.5x.


Zoomed out


And zoomed in centered at (-2.75, 0) with a zoom level of 40x.